Top Culinary Cities

  • Chicago – the Windy City is known for many things, but its food might be first and foremost. There are the working class staples, of course – the Polish sausages, the deep dish pizzas. As a city full of immigrant communities, you’ll be able to find specialties in almost any neighborhood – Korean, Mexican, Moroccan, you name it. Chicago also has some great high end choices, like Bavette’s for steaks and the once in a lifetime Alinea, proud owner of three Michelin stars.
  • New Orleans – New Orleans has it all: fine dining, local favorites, and comfort food galore. Do you want jambalaya or gumbo, those Creole specialties? What about a healthy helping of fried catfish – or even fried alligator? How about a shrimp Po-boy, stuffed to the gills with fixings? If you’re still hungry after all that, maybe you’ve got room for some beignets!


  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong is, rightly, renowned for its street food. Whether you’re getting the ubiquitous meat on a stick (BBQ pork is always the favorite), one of the sultry egg custard waffles, or popping in to a late night dive for a hot serving of dim sum, Hong Kong is a culinary dreamland.


  • Florence – Rome is the easy choice, and it’s a good one, of course – with boatloads of good pizza and pasta. But Florence isn’t a slacker, either. In the heart of Tuscany, the city offers up heartier, more earthen fare than its red-sauce neighbor to the south. Sample rich local dishes like roasted wild boar or stuffed pigeon. If wine’s your thing, try the many varietals of Chianti – or stop by Pinchiorri, which has one of the best wine cellars in the world. If you need a good lunch, head to Trattoria de Mario, sit at one of the communal tables, and savor one of the best meals of your life – the veal steak is outrageously good. Oh, and if you’re in Florence, don’t forget to eat some gelato, too!