This is a blog for those who love the visual arts – photography and video. There’s never been a better time for photography aficionados then right now, with millions of new photographs popping up online every single day. This blog is designed to sort through the noise and find the best material that’s out there – the photos and videos that capture the most exciting, vibrant corners of our world. It can be too difficult to find these things sometimes, so we figured: why not put all of it in one archive?

We don’t focus on just one thing. Instead, we’re taking a wide lens approach to this site, hoping to capture as much as we can. Whether it’s nature photography or sports videos, whether it’s photos of delicious food or clips of incredible wildlife, we’re going to post it if we find it beautiful and think it’s amazing.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the photos and videos you find in our archive. More than that, we hope you’ll be inspired to go out and take your own photos and make your own films. Heck, maybe someday you’ll see your own work here! In the meantime, look around a little bit, and happy shooting.