Get Lost in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ah, the Caribbean. The Jewel of the Americas, home to glittering sea and blinding sand beaches. Hundreds of islands offer tourists a multitude of options to sun and relax in style. But one of the best islands is likely one of the biggest and most often overlooked.

Puerto Rico. It’s synonymous with rum, but aside from that, it’s often bypassed for more exotic places, like the Virgin Islands. Yet Puerto Rico’s size and relative anonymity make it a tremendous, rich place to visit.

Because it’s relatively big for a Caribbean island, Puerto Rico offers diverse ecological options – perfect for adventurers and photographers. Check out the stunning, red sandstone cliffs on the island’s southwestern tip, or stop to catch a ubiquitous baseball game high in the interior’s misty mountains. If you want history, the old Spanish town of Ponce has plenty of it – not to mention some superb art galleries. If you’ve come for wildlife, take your camera and pack your bags for El Yunque rainforest, with its soothing waterfalls and incredible flora.

But the heart of this island is, and always will be, San Juan – especially the blue hued cobblestones of the old town. Follow the footsteps of conquistadors down the narrow alleyways, stopping in at one of the local bars for homemade rum. Or, leave the old town, and try your luck at one of the many casinos in Condado. Both modern and historic, San Juan’s mix of colours, scents, and sounds will leave you intoxicated.

And if none of this sounds up your alley? Just find a palm tree on one of the hundreds of beaches, sit back, and watch the sea come in.