Best Places in the World: Laying it on the Line in Sin City

Okay, maybe Las Vegas doesn’t possess the natural splendor of Andalusia (although the Grand Canyon is just a helicopter ride away) or the history of Cairo, but to a certain subset of people, Vegas is the greatest place on earth. You know who you are: the folks who love taking a risk, betting it all on a long shot.

Built by gangsters in the middle of the desert, the lore of Las Vegas still enchants, all these decades later. It’s proven remarkably adaptable to the ebb and flow of American culture, its glitz and glam hiding an often times seedy underbelly. In that truest of American truisms, Las Vegas can be whatever you want it to be – an upscale resort, a debaucherous escape, an entertaining getaway. The city, for all its lights, is ultimately a blank slate. Whatever you bring to it is what it is.

So where to start? The strip, of course. Here is where you’ll find the street performers, the gluttonous restaurants, the gamblers hoping to hit it big. Of course, you’ll find more than that. You’ll find rooftop roller coasters and synthetic skylines. You’ll find beautiful people.

And you’ll find more opportunities to win a big jackpot than anywhere else in the world. From the Egyptian themed Luxor to the Roman themed Caesar’s Palace, Vegas has your gambling needs covered. At the world famous Bellagio, one of the best casinos in the world, you’ll find thousands of table games, along with the renowned dancing fountains – oh, and a heck of an art gallery, which recently hosted a Monet exhibition.

If the strip is too glitz and glam for you, head to old Vegas for the dive bars and penny slots to get a sense of what the place was like before it became a tourist behemoth. Whatever your predilections, there’s a good bet you’ll leave Vegas feeling fulfilled – even if your wallet is a bit lighter.