Best Beer Cities in the World

London – What, no Dublin? Although Dublin may be renowned for Guinness, you can still get a mighty fine pint of that in London – not to mention a much wider variety of beers, both from the UK and continental Europe. Though Fuller’s and cider abound, London’s legendary pub scene is home to quite a few surprises. The city is also home to dozens of craft breweries. My favourite is Redemption Brewing Company, in Tottenham. Whether you’re ordering a hoppy new IPA, or sticking with the traditional malty ale, there are still few experiences better than sitting down at a London pub and ordering a pint.

Munich – What’s a list of the best beer cities in the world without a German city? The purity law, originally passed in 1487, may have been slightly amended in recent times – it now allows brewers to use yeast, along with water, malted barley, and hops – but this still means that true German beer is as pure as it gets. No region of the country takes this mandate more seriously than Bavaria, where drinking beer is perhaps the nation’s second most popular sport (behind football, of course). Though Oktoberfest is when the tourist hordes descend, Munich has some of the best beer in the world any time of year.

Philadelphia – Ah, Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love is oft overlooked in favor of its Big Brother to the North (New York) or it’s Little Sister to the South (Washington D.C.). But no more! When it comes to beer, Philly is second to no one. Not only is it home to some of the best and most cutting edge breweries in the US – Yards and Victory both churn out exceptional products (and nearby Dogfish Head helped to lead the American craft beer revolution) – but it has some of the best beer bars in the entire world. Eulogy Tavern, in Olde City, has an exceptional selection of international – especially Belgian – beers. And Monk’s, in Center City, might well be the best beer bar in America. It’s the only tap east of the Mississippi that consistently has Russian River’s famed Pliny the Elder on draft. Still, if you’re in Philly, my advice is to drink like a local – try the Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale or the Victory Prima Pils.